Steps to take when your pet is missing.

  With this article I am not going get into the “why do this” just going to give you a list of things you should do to help recover your lost pet.

  Call the area shelters. Not just the one that services the area you live in but all the ones that might service areas that are within five miles of your pet has gone missing.  If someone found your pet and called     the local shelter that shelter might not be the one that is   closest to you. Contact them each day and check on their websites for any pets brought in.

  Contact your area rescue groups. Sometimes your pet might get rescued by someone who then takes them to a local rescue group as opposed to the local animal shelters. Some groups make an effort to find   the owners themselves prior to taking the animal to the local shelter.

  Contact the NON EMERGENCY numbers for your local and county law enforcement. They often take in strays until the local shelters open up.

  Create a flyer. Make copies of the flyer and post them in vets’ offices, pet shops, on telephone poles near parks, schools and other areas where people are likely to be passing by. Also remember to place on the   side and/or rear window of your car.

  Create lost pet listings at the different lost and found sites on the internet, not just on missingpets.directory but on several, not everyone will be going to the same website to see if someone has posted a lost   pet. Also do a search of the website’s found pets section to see if anyone has already found your pet and listed them

  Use one of those listings (yea, we hope you use ours) to post into the different lost and found Facebook groups in your area. Those of us who belong to such groups will often go so far as to organize search parties for area pets and also many have organized resources to assist you. They exist to assist you; they want to help you find your pet.

Hang some dirty laundry outside, your pet might get a whiff of it and then find their way home. Use dirty laundry not clean laundry.


This list is by no means a totally comprehensive list of things to do. We will be adding information to it as time goes on. Missingpets.directory is a solo operation with limited time and funds to operate this site. All constructive feedback is welcomed with open arms. Resource directories are being built and any assistance you would like to give (such as entering information in the resource directories about Facebook groups and area rescue groups would be helpful.